Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Embed Social Media Posts Into Your Website

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There seems to be something new with social media each and every day. This is frustrating for some, but for business owners and marketers, it's great because we have new ways to attract followers and new customers.  Having a presence on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter is great.  Having people visit our websites is great.  But what's even better is when the two are somewhat connected.  Huh? Well, let me explain.  We now have the ability to embed an actual post into our blog or website. I will show specific examples as it's tough for me to put what "embed" means into words.  The reason why I feel this is important to do is because sometimes we have really good content that we post, but it gets forgotten over time after people have already scrolled through their news feed.  By embedding posts that we feel have strong value, it can remain for several days or months or until we choose to take it down.  Also people that visit our pages can actually click on the embedded post to get to that social media platform.  Okay, sorry enough already! Let me SHOW you what I am talking about.

To Embed a Post from Facebook:

First, find a post that you would like more exposure to, then click on the down arrow in the top right hand corner. This guy: 

That will open up this menu:

and then click "embed post". From there copy the code provided, then paste it into the html section of your website or blog (you may need to get your web developer to help with this step if you're not familiar).

It will look like this:

What's cool is you can actually click on the post and get to my page.

To Embed from Twitter:

The steps are very similar but just a touch different.

At the bottom of the desired post, click "Embed Tweet" and copy code just like in Facebook.

Once you paste it on your site, it will like this (also clickable):

To Embed to Google Plus:

Go through the same steps as Facebook. Click the down arrow in the top right of the post:

Then click "embed post:"

It will look like this on your website, and will be clickable as well: 

This is not limited to your own posts. If you find someone else's post of value that you would like to  embed, you can (it's encouraged) by following the same steps. I hope this creates more exposure for your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages.  Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a great one!

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