Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Advantages of Having a Facebook Business Page

In today's business world, having a business page on Facebook is similar to having a business phone number.  People look at us crazy if we tell them we don't have one.  I am sometimes asked the question, "why should I have a Facebook page?" or "does it make sense for our company to be on Facebook", so I want to go over exactly why I feel that every business (regardless of the niche) should have a Facebook business page.  There are some distinct advantages and we will cover a few.

1. Daily Exposure: Businesses that want to be seen and heard need to be on Facebook.  Marketing 101: Go where the people are located.  According to, Facebook is the 2nd most visited website in the world! It's also 2nd in the U.S if you were wondering.  People also check Facebook at an alarming rate. About 13 times per day on average. A company or self-employed individual has a pretty good chance of people stumbling across their page with that kind of traffic.

2. Targeted Audience:  Marketing is all about getting in front of the right audience.  Having a Facebook page allows a business to speak with and engage with individuals that would be interested in their product or services.  This is done through Facebook Ads.  Imagine having a billboard for your business.  Now imagine you can hand pick the cars that drive past your billboard. Now imagine that you could change your billboard message and picture every single day.  Then imagine if a car stopped and had an inquiry or a question and that your billboard could respond right there on the spot!  THAT is the power of a Facebook business page.

3. Humanize Our Brand:  Let's face it..not every niche is the most exciting to the common person.  Ex: bookkeeper, attorney, even transmission repair (nothing against these industries whatsoever).  Facebook gives us the opportunity to let our personalities show regardless of the industry.  Let's take a transmission repair company for instance.  I manage a business page for The Transmission Shop.  Facebook gives them a chance to share their story, give tips to our audience, but most importantly, let their audience get to know the employees.  By sharing pictures of the location and the employees, it humanizes their brand and the audience can make a connection with the people and not just a shop.  Can this be done through a website? Sure.  I would however, argue that the daily interaction between a brand and the audience will build a stronger relationship than a one-sided affair with a website.

4. Drive Traffic To Your Website:  Facebook is great for building a relationship with our audiences, but it could also be used to drive traffic to your website and other social media outlets.

As you can see pictured above, a business can utilize Facebook's apps and drive traffic to a website, YouTube channel and even an email list.  Facebook ads can actually be ran to have the user go to a website instead of the business page.  This is extremely valuable for e-commerce businesses.

5. Credibility:  People expect us to not only have a Facebook business page, but it can actually cause a company to lose credibility by not having one (especially if there is a Facebook icon on their website that does not take the user to an active Facebook page).  If we look at EVERY industry-leading company, they will have a Facebook business page to share their content with their fans.  Our competition is on Facebook so we better be!

 There are over 1 billion users on Facebook today.  Companies that have business pages on Facebook have an opportunity to attract those users and earn their business over time.  The key though, it not just to create a page, but to actually be active on the page daily and present valuable content to keep our audience coming back for more and trusting our brand.  Please share with anyone that does not have a business Facebook page, that has wondered what the fuss is all about. Thanks so much!

Also, if you can think of any more advantages, please feel free to add below in a comment.

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