Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to Implement an Attraction Marketing System

How to Implement  an Attraction Marketing System to your Business

Of course we want more business or we wouldn't be in business.  To get people into your sales funnel, you need to implement an attraction marketing system.  Well, what's an attraction marketing system?  This is a technique that is used to connect with people that are already interested in your product or niche.  They are first attracted to you as a person and a leader, then eventually trust you and want your products.  All of them!  The key is to market yourself (not your product) in an environment where people have the same interests as your products.  Ex:  If you sell coffee and tea, think about where those people hang out. What websites they would go to.  What Facebook group they may belong to etc.  Connect with them first!  The key to starting an attraction marketing system is creating a funnel of people that look up to YOU, not your product.  Think about it.  You can get coffee just about anywhere.  What is going to make people buy it from you?  Well...YOU!  Make a friend first, connect with people, offer something for FREE of value (like a sample or training) and they come running to you to buy whatever you are selling!  Implement your own attraction marketing system today!

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