Thursday, March 7, 2013

3 Reasons to Use Google Plus for Business

Social media is becoming more and more important for business.  Not only is it necessary to connect with current and potential clients in person, but we must also engage them online if we want to keep up with our competition.  Juggling different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc can be overwhelming at times, but if you want to get maximum exposure, I highly recommend setting up a Google Plus account.  Here's why:

1. Google will love you:  Any business that has a website typically wants to rank well in Google's search engine.  A good place to start is to be active in their social communities (YouTube and Google Plus).   From an seo (search engine optimization) perspective, it is crucial to be on Google Plus because everything that you do/post is indexed in Google which helps your overall ranking. It's helps that Google Plus is actually pretty cool anyway so it's fun "work" to connect with people there.

2. More Exposure:  There will always be some overlapping in our social media accounts (same friends/followers/connections), but there are always new opportunities to meet new people on each platform.  The same is true with Google Plus.  It will create a new audience for your brand or service that has not had a chance to get to know you yet.  This is a great opportunity to broaden your network and connect with new people.

3. It's Different: Sometimes we get bored with the same old same old.  If you find yourself checking Facebook on your computer, shutting your computer down, then 5 minutes later checking Facebook on your phone then it might be time for a change. Or at least another outlet to check.  Don't worry, if I just described you to a "T", I still do that! haha.  Joining Google Plus will give you a chance to experience something different and give you an excuse to stay online after you've gone through all of your other feeds ;)

 It's not necessary to be on every single social platform, but I highly recommend joining Google Plus if you want more exposure on Google. After all, it is the number 1 visited website.  In business, the more exposure, the better.  Thank your for reading and please feel free to comment below or share on Google Plus above.


Kannan Sockalingam said...

As always, great tips Mario! I finally got on board with the Google Plus train and have just done it for my own business Sound Sleepers. My question is how do you expand your reach now on Google +? Is it ok to repost my blog articles (that I have posted on my website) on my Google + profile?

Mario Wilson said...

Good afternoon. I appreciate your comment and glad you have joined Google Plus. The use of hashtags and joining communities is a helpful game plan to expand your reach and I absolutely recommend posting your blog there because you can tap into a completely different and fresh audience.