Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Get Recommendations on LinkedIn

As we now know, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for business and obtaining business connections.  One way to stand out from the crowd, is to be recommended by someone else.  It is one thing to explain how great our service or product is, but it is extremely valuable when someone says it for us.  I want to share with you some helpful hints on how to get more recommendations on your LinkedIn page.

1. Stay active on LinkedIn:  This one may be seem obvious, but simply setting up a profile and logging in every once in a while, will not get it done.  To really be noticed on LinkedIn, we must be active.  This meaning, posting, "liking" comments, connecting with people, and commenting on posts.  One of the best ways to be noticed is to join a group in which you will mingle online with people you would like to connect with or do business with.  The more active we are, the more we are noticed.  The more we are noticed, the more likely someone will remember our service and write us a recommendation.

2. Write Recommendations:  I am firm believer that you get what you give.  Recommendations are no different.  When you give recommendations, sometimes it reminds people that the feature even exists and they will turn around and write you one.  Here are a couple of disclaimers:  Never write a recommendation expecting one in return.  It is merely a bonus and it should be genuine.  If you ever write one simply to try to get one, it will be obvious and look really bad.  Secondly, every recommendation I have written has been for service or products that I have been a raving fan of, stand behind, and would refer to friends, family and colleagues.  The next time someone "wows" you, take the time to connect with them on LinkedIn and write them a nice recommendation.  It will make their day trust me.

3. Be really good:  Every time we provide a service or sell a service, we are creating a referral opportunity.  If we exceed expectations, there is a good chance that the person we helped will refer us to someone else.  The next best thing to a verbal referral is an online referral, or recommendation.

It can be really awkward to ask for a recommendation from someone.  It is much more rewarding to earn one.  If you follow the above steps consistently, you will be blown away by how quickly your LinkedIn recommendations start piling up.  If you think this article could help someone else, please share it with them.  If you have other ideas that I left out, please comment below.  Thanks!

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