Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Why Videos Should Be Part Of A Small Business Marketing Strategy in 2015

Every year most businesses take a look at their marketing strategies to see how they are going to attract new customers.  By now, most small business owners are seeing the value in having a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.  After all, if you are in a public place (even a private place) and look around, everyone is looking down at their phones and tablets. Chiropractors sure will be busy! :)  As I've often stated in previous posts, just merely existing on social media is not enough.  We must have a plan and great content.  Here are 4 reasons why we added videos to our client's marketing plan:

1. Reach on Facebook:  The "buzz" lately has been about the decline of reach (people that view or see our posts) on Facebook in 2015.  Pages that post inconsistently (just a few times per month), or are constantly selling with promotional posts will definitely be penalized.  However, pages that share valuable posts and are "social" will see little change (keep in mind "lower reach" has been a topic for 2 years now).  That being said, I have noticed a significant bump in reach by uploading videos straight to Facebook. Check out this report from my page that shows just how much of a boost:

Also, these videos are auto-playing in the newsfeed!  The graph alone should be enough to convince you to start creating videos, but let's continue.

2. Active YouTube Channel: Not too long ago, Google came out with the Google My Business tool. This is within your Google Plus account and it includes Google Analytics, insights and YouTube.  Now I am not saying that using your YouTube channel will make you #1 in the rankings for your business' keywords, but using Google's tools will give you an advantage over companies that aren't.  If you are constantly adding helpful videos to your YouTube channel (that Google provides you for free), you give Google more content to view and index.  This makes you more relevant in the search engines and if you have helpful, interesting topics, people will actually watch the videos.

3. Show Us Your Tips: Images are great on social media, but what if we could make those pictures come to life?  It's one thing to tell us how to brush our teeth, but what if a dentist made a short video showing us how to do it right? Pretty powerful!  Also, some people prefer to watch a quick a video instead of reading tips.

4. Take a tour:  Another great idea for videos on social media is filming a tour of your office, facility or even job site.  A landscaping company could shoot a quick video showing a new backyard that they created or a pet groomer could take us behind the scenes showing off their "puppy palace". Both would give us a little more insight than just a picture and could help if a potential customer is deciding between a couple of businesses.

5. Let people get to know you and employees:  People love to do business with...people.  When we bring ourselves and our employees out from behind the desk or counter and let our audiences see and hear them, our followers love it because they get to know them and their personalities.  If you start using videos, I recommend spreading it around and putting different employees in front of the camera (unless they do not want to be filmed) so that your potential clients really get to know your staff. This will make your business more likable and trustworthy.

The way in which companies are producing smart phones and tablets, videos are becoming easier and easier to produce for small businesses.  Be sure to utilize this resource in your marketing strategy going forward for even more exposure for your business.  As always, if you think adding videos would help, but you simply don't have the time to produce them consistently, we can help.  Check out our small business solution here:  How To Market A Small Business

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