Monday, August 27, 2012

Appointment Setting

Having a really good marketing strategy is one thing, but you must be in front of someone (either face to face or in person) once they find you.  Here are some tips on avoided the dreaded "no show":

1. Let your prospect pick day and the time.  This will ensure they are actually free and not having to move things around to accommodate your schedule.  If it's a phone appointment.  Never ever, under any circumstance offer to call them.  They should call you.  You have what THEY want.  Not the other way around.

2. Regardless of the time they pick, it never works for you, but you can move something around to accommodate them.  Ex: If they say tomorrow at 2:00, you would say something like, "hmm 2:00...well usually I am_______________ during that time, but tell you what...I can move some things around if I know for sure you will be there/call.  I'll see you at 2:00."  Usually you will get, "no, no, no, don't do that for me." Then you come back with, "no, no, no that's okay. I know how important it is to you to get this information.  It's no problem at all.  Just let me know if anything changes. I look forward to seeing you/talking to you then.  (knowing that you moved something for them will make them show, or at least call you if something changes)

3. This one is HUGE.  If for some reason they stand you up, you MUST follow up with them within 15 minutes with a phone call.  Leave them a voicemail similar to, "hello, I am calling because we have a 2:00 appointment and I am here at________.  I just wanted to make sure I was at the right place.  Please give me a call and let me know.  If guilt doesn't set in and they don't call you right back, it's not someone you want to do business with anyway.

Now this is not going to get you 100% "show up on time" ratio, but it will get you pretty close.  You will also know who is serious and who is jacking you around. Hope this helps.  Remember, talking to prospects about your product is more than half the battle!