Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Okay, you've written a fantastic blog with tons of great content...but now what?  A  blog is only successful if people read it.  I want to show you how to get traffic to your blog.  After all, if a tree falls in the forest and no get the idea. Let's get to it!  There are several ways to get your blog more exposure, but we will just focus on three.

1. Social Media:  Every time that you write a blog, it is a must that you share it with your social media audience.  I highly recommend that you have a Facebook Fan page, Twitter account, LinkedIn page, Google Plus page and a Pinterest account.  When your blog is ready to go, you can share the URL on all of these outlets for tons of exposure.  The best part of this traffic is that you can reach thousands of people in your network if you have content that people want to share with others.

I put together a quick video showing you how to get traffic to your blog through social media outlets.

Here is the video:  Social Media Video

2. Email:  Another way to get traffic to your blog is to share with your email list.  It is extremely difficult to keep up with all of your followers and clients by hand, so I recommend a inexpensive service like AWeber to keep track of your email addresses so you can email your blog to all of them at one time.  It will even track and record stats for you to see how effective your emails are.  Again, all it takes is a few people to forward your email and more and more people will be exposed to your blog.

Here's a quick video on the power of email marketing:  Email Video

3. SEO:  Search Engine Optimization is a great method of driving traffic to your blog because your post will be in front of people that are already searching for your blog subject.  For instance, if someone typed "how to get traffic to your blog" in Google and stumbled upon this post, they would find exactly what they were looking for. To ensure that your blog contains keywords that people are actually searching for, be sure to utilize Google's Keyword Tool.

If you know someone that would find value in this post, please share it with them.  Also feel free to leave a comment below.  Have a great one!

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Nancy Adkins said...

Great post! Such important information to anyone who wants to grow their blog! Looking forward to more.