Thursday, January 10, 2013

How To Keep Track Of Your Potential Customers

It is said that the fortune is in the follow up.  I agree with this theory, but it's difficult to follow up if you cannot find your potential client's information, know what day and time to call them, or know what happened the last time you spoke.  It is vital in today's business to be able to keep track of those that you are trying to help.

A welcomed "problem" to have is too many contacts that you cannot follow up properly with post it notes, a notepad, or even a spreadsheet.  There will come a day (and I hope it's now) that you will have so many customers, or potential customers, that you will need a crm (customer relations management) software.  To keep up with my client base, I use Leads 360 Express.  Here is why I highly recommend this product:

1. It's Easy To Use:  Nothing will slow your business down like taking a week to train on new software.  I love Leads 360 Express because it's easy to use and you will can up and running in a matter of minutes.

2. It's Efficient:   Instead of fumbling around through papers or looking through a spreadsheet, you simply login, and start calling people that are already scheduled for that day.  Also all of your potential client's information is on the screen so you can call and email them without having to look in multiple areas.  Time is money and this will definitely save you time so that you can make more money!

3. It's Cost Effective:  Most small businesses do not have a ton of money to spend on fancy crms. Leads 360 Express will help you manage your client base with multiple users for around $50 month.  Most crm systems cost thousands!!

I put together a quick tutorial on how to you use Leads 360 Express.  I hope this helps you in your business!  If it does, please share it with a colleague.

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